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Le Collectif dix novembrepdf

The Collectif dix novembre was named for the November 10, 2011, day of action that set an ultimatum "abolish the hike, or this spring we strike!" It heralded the movement to come in many ways: the jubilant, unexpectedly large crowds in the streets despite inclement weather, and the violent interventions of riot police against students, faculty, and passerby as students staged the first occupation at McGill University in recent memory.

The collective brings together a diverse group of organizers involved in the student strike in various ways. In addition to our positions as students at all levels of post-secondary education, from cegep to doctoral work, we are also trade unionists, community workers, student union executives, anarchists, teachers, artists, activists, and more. We have sought to represent a variety of perspectives on the collective, including people from various racialized backgrounds, genders and sexual orientations, political affiliations, organizing traditions, and academic institutions, as well as both francophones and anglophones. As a result, none of us agrees with everything in this volume, and we leave it to the reader to explore a diversity of views on this complex and powerful movement.

The members of the collective include: rosalind hampton, Philippe Lapointe, Mona Luxion, Rushdia Mehreen, Joël Pedneault, and Molly Swain. We would also like to express our thanks to Patrick DeDauw, Michelle Hartman, Abby Lippmann, and Kevin Paul for their assistance with translation, to Matthew Brett and Jérémie Bédard-Wien for their contributions to this conversation, and to GRIP-UQÀM and QPIRG-McGill for material donations that made this website possible.


The title of the book is drawn from one of the most popular English-language chants of the strike: 1—2—3—4 / This is fucking class war! / 5—6—7—8 / Organize and smash the state!