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Myriam Arsenault-Jacques is a law student at Université du Québec à Montreal. She cofounded the Police Intervention Watch Group and has taken an active role in the student strike. She is also a member of the Feminism and Law Collective. Myriam is proudly vegan and straight edge.

Louis Bertrand was a member of the volunteer translation collective, Translating the Printemps Érable.

Hugo Bonin was a member of the CLASSE/ASSÉ Information Committee during the 2012 student strike. At the time he was also involved in the strike movement in Concordia University, through the Women's Studies Student Association. After completing a masters in political science from York University, he currently works as Mobilization Coordinator for the Dawson Student Union, in Montréal. 

Patricia Boushel is a music manager, a cultural producer and activist from Montreal. She was the editor of Translating the Printemps Érable and offers free French classes in her kitchen.

Mélodie Chouinard is a self-identified anarcha-feminist woman that wishes she could be a pirate-witch. She is now completing her Master in Intercultural Mediation at the Université de Sherbrooke and hopes her degree and experience will allow her to make some real changes in the struggle towards a more equal and diversity-embracing society.


The CLASSE Legal Committee was formed in anticipation of the criminalization and penalization of participants in the 2012 Student Strike. It had from five to nine members, all law students, whose mandate was to provide information as well as legal support for participants in strike actions regardless of political affiliation or student status.

David Clément coordinates L’Association pour la défense des droits sociaux, the Association for the Defense of Social Rights in Gatineau, Québec.


A lawyer by training, Jérémie Dhavernas has practiced in social law. Today, as a student in history he is interested in the state's violence towards marginalised people, from drug users to migrants as well as people in the psychiatric system and domestic political enemies. He was active during the strike, primarily in the street.


Ethan Kyle Feldman studied philosophy at McGill university and was extremely lucky to be an organizer, activist, and artist during the Québec student strike. He now works as a freelance music producer in Toronto.

Ilyan Ferrer is a PhD Candidate at McGill University's School of Social Work.  His research focuses on aging, im/migration, and labour among transnational Filipinos.  He has worked as a community organizer for the Montreal Filipino community.

Margaret Fraser was a member of the volunteer translation collective, Translating the Printemps Érable


Laurence Guenette is a Montreal-based activist who has long been involved in human rights activism with Latin America, specifically working with Accompagnement Québec-Guatemala since 2006. In 2012, she contributed to a report on discrimination against Indigenous women in Canada as well as another on non-violence and the student movement.


rosalind hampton is a PhD Candidate and educator whose current research draws on her background in community work and education to explore the historical and current structural and systemic relations between Black people and the University. She is the proud parent of a commercial and community mural artist.

Nadia Hausfather is pursuing her PhD at Concordia University about emotional legacies of 21st century general student strikes. She was involved in organizing students against tuition increase, for free education and for the 2012 strike as a member of the Concordia MobSquad, as co-founding member of Free Education Montreal and as elected councilor and vice-president external of the Graduate Students' Association.

Adrienne Carey Hurley is an anarchist who teaches East Asian Studies and Integrated Studies in Education at McGill University, where she is employed as an associate professor.

Farha Najah Hussain is a social-justice activist based in Montreal, occupied Kanienkehaka territory.


Fanny Jolicoeur is the coordinator of l'Écho des femmes de la Petite Patrie, a Montreal women's centre.


Gretchen King is a doctoral candidate in the Communication Studies department at McGill University, completing her dissertation thesis based on fieldwork facilitated at Radio al-Balad 92.4FM, Jordan's first community radio station. Previously News Coordinator at Montreal's campus-based community radio station CKUT 90.3FM for ten years, she continues to work as a community media practitioner.


Formerly ASSE's secretary for collegial academic affairs, Jaouad Laaroussi is now a Masters student in the Centre d'histoire des régulations Sociales, a pluri-disciplinary consortium of seven higher-educational institutions.

Nicolas Lachapelle

Xavier Lafrance was external affairs secretary on the ASSÉ's executive and CASSÉÉ co-spokesperson in 2004-2005, and active before and after that in ASSÉ. Xavier is currently doing a PhD in Political Science at York University, Toronto, where his dissertation looks at class relations and social movement in France in an historical perspective, with an emphasis on current contemporary anti-neoliberal resistance.

Philippe Lapointe, former Secretary of Academic Affairs of the Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante (ASSÉ), is now active as a labour organizer and continues to be interested in the applications of combative syndicalism for student and labour movements.

Edward Ou Jin Lee is a PhD Candidate at the McGill School of Social work whose scholar-activism focuses on queer/trans migration. Ed is also involved in community organizing with queer and trans people of colour and migrants.

Mona Luxion is an anticapitalist activist and academic whose visions of social justice include environmental justice, open borders, self-determination, and the subversion of heteropatriarchy. When not at a desk or in the streets, e is working on building resilient, sustainable communities of care and struggle.


John-Paul McVea lives in Montreal and is a student by distance learning at the University of Alberta, on the other side of Canada. John-Paul is also a musician, and for work he programs playlists of classical music that are broadcast on cable TV, over the internet, and using apps for Android and the iPad.

Laith Marouf has been a community media producer for 10 years. He has worked extensively on community media building in Palestine and Native communities in Turtle Island, as well as hosting "Under the Olive Tree", airing on CKUT (Montreal) and CFRC (Kingston) since 2002. Since 2010 Laith has served as the Equity Officer of the National Community and Campus Radio Association (NCRA) and has worked as the Program Director of Community University Television (CUTV), helping build the station to be the most viewed Campus/Community TV in the world.

Rushdia Mehreen was a student at Concordia University where she was involved in mobilization for the 2012 strike, and was a member of the Comité aux Luttes Sociales (Social Struggles Committee) of ASSÉ/CLASSE from the end of 2011 to early 2013 (up till the committee's block resignation). Previously at Concordia she had been instrumental in creating/reviving her departmental student association (Geograds) and since 2010, Rushdia had been involved in grassroots organizing with various groups including Free Education Montreal, the Graduate Students Association, Concordia Mobsquad and its strike committee. She can be reached at @rushmew.

Norman Nawrocki is a Montreal cabaret artist, violinist, author, actor and educator. He marched and banged pots, published a collection of strike poetry, and is finishing a novel about the strike. website

Guillaume Néron

Lena Carla Palacios is a PhD Candidate (Education and Communication Studies) at McGill University. She is a member and project coordinator of Life after Life, a Montreal-based collective dedicated to prison abolition and the de-criminalization of formerly incarcerated girls, women, and queer and transgender people. Her research focuses on transnational feminist prison studies, critical race theory, abolitionist education and transformative justice.

Joël Pedneault was involved with student organizing at McGill University in Montreal from 2008 to 2012, and worked for CLASSE during the late summer and early fall of 2012. He now translates various activist texts when he is not busy holding down a job as an office person.

Vincent Roy

Anna Sheftel is an Assistant Professor in the Conflict Studies department of Sait Paul University, where she works with oral histories of conflict survivors as well as the personal, social and political context of that remembering. She was a founder of Translating the Printemps Érable.

As President and Communications Coordinator for the Gender, Sexual Diversity, and Feminist Studies Student Association, Molly Swain helped to launch the GSDFSSA's first ever unlimited strike in 2012, McGill's longest and most successful student departmental strike.  She also organized for student-labour solidarity during the MUNACA strike, and then for a campus-wide unlimited general student strike.  Molly's research focuses on the links between decolonization, indigenous feminisms, and anti-capitalism.