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I Present You My Knees;pdf
I'm Going to Join Up with Fiery Friends

Nicolas Lachapelle1


comic panel 1







I admit it …

I threw a rock once …








Just one.









We had been keeping our hopes up for months …

… a more just society, and lots of other things too …



comic panel 2





We acted in a non-violent, constructive way.

But somewhere high up, they kept denying our right to dissent …








… they kept denying democracy.

They said: "You can exercise your democratic rights every 4 years!"







Or: "Between elections, it's called governance!"

Somewhere high up, they had forgotten that they worked for us.

The people.



comic panel 3






They wanted to get rid of our dissent.

" …send [it] as far north as possible!"2








So, this rock … it's true, it's not as refined as an X in a box …










…but I have a feeling that it spoke volumes …

…That it was political …



comic panel 4







As far as I'm concerned, I believe in / want to hold on to democracy. If they attack it, I'll defend it, tooth and nail.




There are three types of violence. The first one is institutional: it makes domination, oppression and exploitation legal; it crushes millions of men [sic] in its gears.


The second one is revolutionary. It is born out of the willingness to abolish the former.




The third type of violence is repressive. It aims to strangle the second form of violence by allying itself with the first type of violence, which is the origin of all violence.

There is nothing more hypocritical than to only identify the second form of violence as such, while one pretends to forget that it is spawned by the first and killed off by the third.

1 Translated by Joël Pedneault.

2 Translator's note: refers to a speech given by Jean Charest during which he joked that protestors should be given jobs that would force them to relocate to northern Québec.