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A note on structurepdf


This book is structured around five themes which reflect debates and conversations that frequently emerged during the strike and in its aftermath. While the order of the book is not meant to be cumulative—that is, you need not have read earlier pieces in order to understand later ones—we do encourage you to read the pieces in each section in conversation with each other, as they bring out debates and contradictions that may not be obvious in each individual chapter.

In order to contextualize each topic, we have followed each section introduction with a word as part of the piece "On Communication As Solidarity: Reflections from Translating the Printemps Érable", written by translators and editors of the popular website Translating the Printemps Érable, who were in some sense our forbears in bringing the mostly francophone coverage of the events of spring 2012 to an anglophone audience. The short essays that accompany each word— manifestation, casseur, casserole, solidaritÉ, carrÉ rouge—attempt to translate the unique vocabulary and culture that at times makes the strike so impenetrable to outsiders.

The piece can be read in its entirety beginning here.